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what you seek is seeking you

What you seek is seeking you.

What you seek is seeking you. – Rumi

When I first saw this quote from Rumi, I fell into silence.

It was so profound I was dumbfounded. The words were foreign to me but it felt like he was talking directly at me. Those words were for me!

This was about 12 years ago before I started my spiritual journey. It’s possible that it was through these words that gave me the green light to begin my inward journey.

What was more surprising was when I asked myself:

What am I searching for, anyway?

I could not come up with an answer. It was Blank. I had no clue what I was searching for in life. I did not know where I was headed. All I knew at that time was I wanted to raise my son the best I could. Provide for him and make sure I was always there for him. That was it. I had no other goals in life.

How then is my life going to pan out if I was searching aimlessly?

Facing that “blankness”, I had to search within me to find out what I really wanted. Beyond being a mom, a provider, what else could I do with my life?

It was as if Rumi was telling me, “You are guided. Go seek what you need and it will find you”.

I went seeking. Through books, mentors, courses, meditation practice, yoga, experiences, adventures.

Now, I am a yoga teacher, a Reiki practitioner, a business owner, in a loving supportive relationship, a mom to a very talented 15-year-old, we live in our beautiful home amidst nature, and I have found a deeply satisfying spiritual life.

What you seek is indeed seeking you, too. My journey continues.

Have you also experienced seeking something and finding out later that it was also looking for you? Do you have a quote that massively influenced your life? What quotes have guided you in your journey?

Much love,


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