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Mindfulness Yoga Club is focused on creating a community for aspiring yogis to begin and deepen their yoga practice. MYC helps yoga beginners to explore and cultivate a safe and personal yoga journey with guidance and support.

A regular yoga practice builds a strong immune system, relieves minor body aches and pains, creates a calming effect for the mind, boosts energy and improves self-esteem.

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Teacher Ness is a Certified 200-Hour Yoga Instructor accredited by Yoga Alliance. Her 7-year mindfulness yoga journey has also led her to study Reiki Healing, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Today, she is a certified Reiki II practitioner and NLP coach. She holds 1:1 and group workshops to support women through deep healing and renewal, allowing them to forge a powerful, intentional, joyful life story.

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teacher ness

I started my yoga journey late and slow. I was not a believer in regular exercise and, on some occasion, I probably hated it! To be honest, I was a little lazy. But as I got older, I felt my body’s need for movement and my mind’s need for rest.

Yoga provided me with both. Yoga allowed me to explore my body, at my own pace, with no pressure to get a specific result. As I kept doing yoga regularly, I started noticing the difference on my mood and energy. I was able to perform better at work with high energy. Fewer back pains and mental clutter. More than physical fitness, Yoga allowed me to achieve a well-balanced life.

With all the benefits yoga gave me, it didn’t feel right to keep it to myself. It’s my mission to support yoga beginners to find their own yoga journey – according to their own terms!

As a mindfulness practice, yoga is suitable for all ages and levels. Even lazy bods like mine!

The best part is – we’ve created Mindfulness Yoga Club community to create a supportive non-competitive space for yoga beginners. Together, we can cultivate a holistic approach towards living a healthy, happy, balanced life.

So grab your mat, let’s sit in silence for a bit, and discover our unique yoga journey.

Watch out for our yoga retreat in 2022.

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Weekly Classes

We offer beginner-friendly yoga classes in Tagaytay.

Suitable for first timer or new to yoga

Suitable for first timer or new to yoga

Private Classes

We offer private one-on-one or group sessions. Get in touch with us to get a quote.

Yoga Retreats

We offer yoga retreats all throughout the year. Sign up to our newsletter to receive important updates on upcoming events.